2014 Catalogs are Here!!!!!

Lens and Frame Savings Package and Minnesota Health Care Program Catalogs have Shipped! Existing customers can look for theirs in the mail, or call and ask us to set up an account.  Click this slider to download the 2014 Frame Catalog and Deleted Frames List.

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Online Ordering Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce we’re in the final phases of fielding an online buying option. It will be available soon so check back for updates!

Lens and Frame

Savings Package

Simple Value.  This special program allows your patients to choose from 130 stocked, high quality frame styles from nine manufacturers.  We’ll supply the frame, and provide quality lenses and designs for unbeatable savings.

Other Labs Making Things Fuzzy?

We can help with that. Imagine having a team of eye wear specialists right next door to your office, able to fill any type of lens or frame order you may need, all at a discount price. That’s Eye-Kraft!

Perfect Lenses, Perfect Vision.

As an industry leading, full-service ophthalmic laboratory, we offer one-on-one service, cutting-edge quality, volume pricing, and fast, overnight delivery. Every lens is put through rigorous inspection process to meet our high quality specifications.

Customer Care is in the Details.

We have the best warranty offered, and we work with Eye Care Profesionals to make each and every patient happy. Contact us today for a free catalog of our complete line of eye products and details on our discount savings program.


Free Patient Materials

Eye-Kraft provides you with free color point-of-purchase brochures and counter displays to help educate your patients. These materials help your patients discover the benefits of additional eye care products and services.


Lens and Frame Savings

This package allows your patient to choose from 130 stocked, high quality frame styles from nine manufacturers with various lens types.