2016 Program Frame Catalog is HERE!

Eye-Kraft’s spring Catalog is in the Mail!  Look for your new Program Frame and Lens Catalog envelope with the neon sticker.  We’ve added many new styles and variety for your managed care and value package jobs.  Click HERE to view the entire collection online!

2016 Minnesota Vision Insurance FAQs

With the changes in Minnesota’s Medical Assistance insurance providers at the beginning of the year, we’ve been gathering your questions.  This document outlines those frequently asked questions and answers.  If you still have questions, please feel free to call us, we’re always happy to help.


BlueTech Lenses Now Available

Eye Kraft is proud to offer BlueTech lenses, the leading lens designed to protect the eyes from the harmful portion of the blue light spectrum.  This 1.56 high index material contains Ocular Lens Pigment that filters the lower end of the blue light spectrum to protect daily and long term vision while allowing the higher end of the spectrum through to protect sleep cycles.  Available in SV and D28, and coming soon to the Eye Kraft DLS family of lenses.

Order Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Health Partners

WIth Eye-Kraft's MCHP package

Eye-Kraft can process Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Partners, and several other third party insurance plans.  Eye-Kraft does not manage billing and reimbursements for these plans.  We treat them as discounted private pay orders and bill ECPs on our discounted MN MA price list.  Just put MHCP in your special instructions!

Introducing Tots Frames

Metal Free and Virtually Indestructble

New Tots frames are now available in the Eye-Kraft program for Medica, UCARE, and South Country Health alliance jobs as well as our savings and discount frame and lens packages.  Sized for toddlers and small children, Tots frames are comfortable, durable, and have no metal parts.  Click HERE or call customer service for more information

Zeiss Free Form

Eye-Kraft is proud to announce that we’re now able to produce Zeiss Free Form lenses in house. The Zeiss Precision family of progressives is designed to provide expanded fields of view in both digital and print.  Click here for more info.

Other Labs Making Things Fuzzy?

We can help with that. Imagine having a team of eye wear specialists right next door to your office, able to fill any type of lens or frame order you may need, all at a discount price. That’s Eye-Kraft! Read more About Us.

Perfect Lenses, Perfect Vision.

As an industry leading, full-service ophthalmic laboratory, we offer one-on-one service, cutting-edge quality, volume pricing, and fast, overnight delivery. Every lens is put through rigorous inspection process to meet our high quality specifications.

Customer Care is in the Details.

We have the best warranty offered, and we work with Eye Care Profesionals to make each and every patient happy. Contact us today for a free catalog of our complete line of eye products and details on our discount savings program.


Lens and Frame Savings

This package allows your patient to choose from 130 stocked, high quality frame styles from nine manufacturers with various lens types.