More Light Means

Better Vision

Introducing ClearKraft® by Eye-Kraft

ClearKraft® is Eye-Kraft’s signature anti-reflective treatment for prescription lenses. This special coating is applied to the front and back of the lens in a complex layered stack that allows more visible light to pass through the lenses and reduce visible light reflected from the surface.

ClearKraft® anti-reflective treatment creates better vision for patients by allowing more visible light to pass through the lenses to be processed by the eye. With ClearKraft®, vision is sharp and clear and lenses become practically invisible with no distracting glare from the front or back of the lens. More light to the eye means better vision!

Why choose ClearKraft®?

  • ClearKraft® is a premium vacuum deposited multi-layered anti-reflection treatment.
  • ClearKraft® is applied in-house in our state-of-the-art vacuum chamber and clean room.
  • Anti-Reflective treatments do more than just let people see your eyes, it lets more visible light into the eye for crisp, clear, better vision.
  • ClearKraft® is SUPER hydrophobic which means it repels water and oils for superior cleanability.
  • ClearKraft® has an Anti-Static layer which actively repels dust and dirt.
  • ClearKraft® has a scratch resistance layer to further protect lenses from wear and tear.